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Female Top DJ Agency London Services

Female DJ For
In-Store Events

Are you looking for a unique way to launch your store?

We have experienced DJs with several years of experience, playing for popular brands such as Top Shop, H&M, New Look and Miss Selfridge to name a few. Our DJs are experienced and masters of the craft creating a favourable impression about your brand with the use of the right music.
We offer a live in-store DJ that is capable of increasing your store footfall and increasing your brand’s awareness. If you are hosting an in-store promotional event, we are the perfect DJ for the occasion. We will set the right mood and tone for the event with the right groove.
We set the right mood, enhance your visitors’ experience, and create passionate interest in your visitors for your brand. In tune with your promotional events, we can be an extension of your brand by matching our outfit with your style or color.
Why Choose Us?
We are an award-winning London and Uk Female dj agency.
We are experienced and have played for several household brands.
We know the right music to create a lovely and welcoming ambiance.
We have the state-of-the-art DJ equipment and professional gear for delivering topnotch services.
We do not just play music, we deliver!
We get your brand noticed, boosted, and your message delivered.
Your business gets increased footfall and traffic.
We provide a pleasurable experience for your visitors.
We offer the most competitive prices possible for the success of your event.
Wherever the event is, we will always be there and make it lit with infectious music no one can resist. Let the music play and your brand gets boosted. Creating a nice ambiance for enhanced visitors’ experience is our business. Contact us today to hire the best in-store DJ for your event; we look forward to making your event memorable and successful.

Female DJ For Fashion Shows

Are you looking for the right DJ for your fashion show?

Are you looking for the right DeeJay agency for your fashion show? Do you need an experienced fashion show DJ that can set the right atmosphere for your event? You have come to the right place.
We are called “Female TOP DJ Agency in London.” We are an all-female DJ agency with exceptional skills, experience, and passion for making your event lit with music that is too hard for anyone to resist. If you are hosting a fashion show, you can trust us for the perfect music that will launch your newest line on a firm footing – we have the best fashion show and catwalk DJs possible.
You know that music and ladies are inseparable and no man understands the subtlety and mystery of music like we do. Let us run the world with you and rock your event together. We have amazing, elegant and lovers of  fashion female DJs who would fit right in, bringing fun and the right atmosphere to your show.
Our catwalk DJs know the best selection of music for creating the perfect energy level for your fashion show and get everyone engaged until the end of the show. We have in-depth knowledge in different types of music for your chosen theme and can create the perfect ambiance that matches your audience, scenes, fashion show, catwalk event, and get clients present excited about buying your brand or fashions.
Why Choose “Female TOP DJs Agency in London” for Your Fashion Show and Catwalk Event
1. We are the top all-female DJ agency fashion providing the perfect music for all types of event and show.
2. Female DJs are gorgeous, exquisite and add more visual appeal to your fashion show or catwalk event.
3. We bring in fun, create the right atmosphere, and make your event lit with music that gets everyone excited.
4. We have vast experience in this area, and we have worked with the likes of London Fashion Week and fashion brands like Beauty Bay and LIU JO, top Italian fashion brand.
5. We work for clients worldwide; wherever your catwalk event is coming up, we will be there to set the right atmosphere.
6. We have state-of-the-art equipment and gear, a rich collection of music, and excellent DJ skills.
Contact us today for the best female DJ to rock your fashion show. At Djane Top agency UK, the success of your event is our business

Female DJ for Corporate

Organising a great corporate party can be pretty stressful

Organising a great corporate party can be pretty stressful and there’s nothing worse than getting everything perfect but then being let down by the music.
Be it a small office party to a grand corporate bash, we will ensure that our DJ services remain unrivalled throughout your event. We have some of countries leading female DJs who know how to bring the magic to your corporate party.
We have been winning the hearts of our clients in every possible way, serving some of the biggest names in the corporate industry like Adidas, Topshop & Selfridges along with the Crowne Plaza Hotels and Channel 4.
If you don’t have the equipment, don’t worry, we can provide that too.
At Female TOP DJs Agency, we completely understand the significance of a high quality DJ system at your end and provide world-class DJ agency services for corporate events. Female TOP DJs Agency offers fabulous music, sound reinforcement, A/V production, lighting and skilled MC services for your corporate event. Our self-effacing style and sophisticated approach on the microphone makes us the most sought after DJ for corporate events.
We provide full-fledged audio/visual production, with expertise in:
Event Audio and Sound Support
Music Introduction Selection
MC Services and Scripting
Voiceover Recording and Production
Full-Service Planning and Consultation
Photo Booth Services
Event Lighting and Projection
Backed by tremendous domain expertise, we deliver extraordinary performances with a dash of professionalism that ensures a positive reflection of your brand and corporate culture.
Contact us today to hire the best Deejay agency corporate for your event; we look forward to making your event memorable and successful..

Why Us

How we do it

Innovative strategies

FemaleTOPDJs” Female DJ Agency Ltd offers DJ Services to corporate events, fashions events, beauty events, high end clients, festivals to top hotels bars and those who want to make the best of their events. We’ve been in the business for over 8 years and we still keep over a 99% customer satisfaction rate

Strategic insights

When you hire us, you get
* Professional female DJs with infectious personalities who know how to get the party started and keep it going until the break off dawn.
* Some of the most positive and talented female DJs in the world right now.
* Competitive pricing and amazing value for money.
* Free online and offline promotion of your event – including social media mentions, feature on our website and flyer design

Personalized tactics

Our professional female DJs are willing to travel to any part of the world to show you a good time.
If you book “FemaleTOPDJs” Female DJ Agency, we guarantee you’ll have this covered. We sound a wide variety of events, such as:

In Store




We are efficient in dealing with your enquiries and specialised needs

Our female djs are reliable and good at time-keeping
We have a bubbly and friendly team
Maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients
We write blog posts about the amazing events we do
We promote our events on all our social media platforms unless it’s a private function.

Ethos and Values

We are all about female empowerment
We support and mentor all of our female djs
We believe in equal opportunities
We ensure our Female Djs are paid fairly and commensurate to the fee you give the agency.

What to expect

Contact us (via our quick form enquiry form on our website, telephone, email) with the event’s details.
We will send you options of our female djs for you to select from
Once the selection has been made, you will receive confirmation of your booking
Ready to host your amazing event

About Us

Who we are

Work With an Award Winning Female DJ Agency in London! When you’re hiring “FemaleTOPDJs” Female DJ Agency, you’re hiring some of the best professionals in the industry.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

The founder of the agency, Vanessa Clark and her team have won multiple awards for what they do, including:

* Business Excellence Award 2020
* The Great British Entrepreneur Awards
* Women in Tech Excellence Awards

Enjoy a friendly, professional service from the moment you first contact us until the moment your DJ comes out in front of the crowd: then we let the beat speak for itself.
We play electro, drum & bass and dubstep, reggae, funk, R&B, hip-hop, breaks, house, mash up, remixes including the freshest and most classic commercial sounds whatever you like, we have what it takes to keep you dancing all night.
But enough rambling on. Let’s get this party started.
Everyone at the best DJ agency in the city is looking forward to working with you!

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